We are a long-established taxi company founded in 1951, operating 95 UD/sedan taxis(up to 4 guests) and 2 wagon(minivan) taxis(up to 6 guests).
We look forward to serving you.

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  • “Fixed fare taxi” is up to about 30% discount from normal meter fare, and there is no worry that the meter goes up.
  • Reservation is required 2 days before the date of use. (Please use our Contact us form.)
  • When you make a reservation, you can specify sedan (up to 4 guests) or wagon(minivan) (up to 6 guests). But due to our driver’s schedule, we can not pick up from 7am to 1pm by wagon(minivan) taxis.
  • Basically we don’t accept airport pickup taxi reservation, because taxis including other companies are waiting at there for about 24 hours, and they also charge the same fixed fare as ours.
✈HND(Haneda) Airport
Pick-up regionFixed fare(yen)22-5 o’clock(yen)


✈NRT(Narita) Airport
Pick-up regionFixed fare(yen)22-5 o’clock(yen)

Zone A

Zone B
Zone C
(excluding Higashi-yashio)
(excluding Daiba)
Zone D


🏰Tokyo Disney Resort
Pick-up or Drop-off regionFixed fare(yen)22-5 o’clock(yen)
Zone 1
Zone 2
Zone 3

Notes on the fare and fee

  •  These fares apply from Oct. 1, 2019.
  •  Regions other than the above zones will be the usual meter fee.
  •  22-5 o’clock fare applies if both departure and arrival are within the stated time.
  •  Reservation fee and dispatch fee are included in the fixed fare. Separate payment is unnecessary.
  • In case of specifying a wagon(minivan) taxi, vehicle type designation fee yen is charged separately.
  •  Toll road fee and parking lot fee will be charged separately.
    (If our driver waits away from the vehicle for picking up at the airport, parking lot fee will be charged.)
  • In case of cancellation or change of destination/route in the middle of transportation by customer’s convenience, usual meter fare will apply.
  • 10% discount for disabled.
  • If you are traveling within approximately 15 km in an hour, you can hire a taxi at a discounted rate on a per hour by “Time charter taxi”.
  • Destinations or route can be planned in advance or instructed on the way.
  • Reservation is required 2 days before the date of use.(Please use our Contact us form.)
  • When you make a reservation, you can specify sedan (up to 4 guests) or wagon(minivan) (up to 6 guests). But due to our driver’s schedule, we can not pick up from 7am to 1pm by wagon(minivan) taxis.
  • We can not accept travel from midnight to early morning (22:00 to 5:00).

How about such a purpose?

  • Tokyo sightseeing
  • Shooting dramas and movies
  • Business activities with many visits
Time charter taxi
Example planPrice for one vehicle(yen)

Notes on the fare and fee

  • These fares apply from Oct. 1, 2019.
  • Detail of the price: 4,700yen for the first hour, 2,150yen for every 30 minutes thereafter.
  • Reservation fee is charged separately.
  • In case of specifying a wagon(minivan) taxi, vehicle type designation fee is charged instead of reservation fee.
  • Toll road fee and parking lot fee are charged separately.

Please use “Checker cab” telephone reception +81-570-02-3751(24 hours).
You can call the nearest taxi from our group’s 1,800 cars.

Please use our smartphone app “S.RIDE” operated by Sony Corporation and 5 taxi groups in Tokyo.

By above 2 ways, you can’t reserve or specify wagon(mini-van) taxi. Sorry for inconvenience.

For sedan and wagon(minivan) taxi reservations, we currently accept only one of the following services.
* Fixed fare taxi (HND/NRT Airport, Tokyo Disney Resort)
* Time charter taxi
* Traveling more than about 15 km
1. Reservation is required 2 days before the date of use. 
2. For the reservation after one month, we once temporarily accept it and confirm again later.
3. As for the wagon taxis, we can not pick up from 7am to 1pm due to our driver’s schedule.
4. There is no cancel fee, but in case of cancellation please be sure to inform us in advance.

Customers who wish to make a reservation, please contact us by our Contact us form.

We usually operate vehicles as a crusing taxi in center of Tokyo area.
You can stop taxi with “空車” (Ku-sha means Empty) red sign on the dashboard in front of the passenger seat.
And in the night, you can also identify empty taxi by lit of company name indicator light on the roof.
(Please note that the above indicator light method is sometimes invalid except in Tokyo.)

1. The door opens and closes automatically for safety, so you should not operate the door.
2. In Ginza 5 to 8 areas on weekday from 22pm to 1am, you can get on a taxi only from designated taxi stands.
3. It is impossible to stop taxi for get-on/off on red color pavement in downtown area.
We appreciate your cooperation.

Fares are in accordance with “Checker cab” fare system.
(This fare system is almost the same as most taxi companies in Tokyo.)

– Fares for distance 
First fare 420yen@1052m
Additional fare 80yen@233m
– Fare for time
(only count if velocity<=10km/h outside highway)
– Extra charge in the midnight and early morning
20% extra charge from 22 o’clock to 5 o’clock.
– Additional fees for dispatch and reservation
 1.Dispatch fee 320yen
 2.Reservation fee 420yen
 3.Wagon(minivan) fee 1,100yen
For Sedan or UD Taxi Request
 -Normal immediate taxi call: 1.Dispatch fee
 -Normal reservation: 1.Dispatch fee + 2.Reservation fee
 -Reservation for fixed fare taxi: Not applicable
 -Reservation for time charter taxi: 2.Reservation fee
For Wagon(Minivan) Taxi Request
 -Normal immediate taxi call: 1.Dispatch fee + 3.Wagon(minivan) fee
 -Normal reservation: 1.Dispatch fee + 3.wagon(minivan) fee
 -Reservation for fixed fare taxi: 3.Wagon(minivan) fee
 -Reservation for time charter taxi: 3.Wagon(minivan) fee
– Discount
10% discount for disabled, 10% discount for long-distance(apply for the part over 9,000yen)

* These fares and fees were approved by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport on Oct. 1, 2019.

You can pay by cash (Japanese yen only), S.RIDE Wallet, and following various cards/tickets/QR code payment.

Please contact us directly
by telephone +81-3-3913-1181(24 hours reception,Japanese only) or our Contact us form.
If you prepare the receipt of your ride, we can respond more quickly.

  • The number of cars is as of Aug. 19th, 2022.
  • From April 1st, 2021, the company indicator light on the ceiling of vehicles was changed from Checker Radio “RUGBY BALL TYPE” to our business partner Tokyo Radio “GREEN TOWER TYPE”. Please be careful when you are looking for our car.

Universal Design Taxi (60 cars)


This is a new type vehicle that has a flat floor and high ceiling, easy to get on/off and move between seats.
Big baggage such as a suitcase can be brought into passenger room as well as the luggage room.

Seat layout and luggage room dimensions


Normally up to 4 people riding capacity.
If you are on a wheelchair, up to 2 people. (sorry for taking 10-20 minutes to get on/off)
W'(103 cm) indicates the width of the opening, and H’ (53 cm) indicates the height to the tonneau cover.

Sedan (35 cars)

TOYOTA Crown Comfort

Our friendly color standard taxi.

TOYOTA Crown Sedan Super Deluxe

Higher grade taxi so-called “Exceed cab”.Drivers meet our original criteria such as years of experience and taking some trainings.Vehicles are also higher grade. So we can offer higher quality service.

Seat layout and luggage room dimensions (both sedans)


W'(118cm) indicates the width of the opening.

Wagon(minivan) (2 cars)

TOYOTA Esquire

Wagon(minivan) taxi up to 6 people riding capacity.
This is also “Exceed cab”, so the drivers meet our own criteria.

Seat layout and luggage room dimensions

w/3rd row seats

w/o 3rd row seats

This is not a large size car, so there is no enough room in the third row seat when riding with 6 people.
In addition, when riding with 5 to 6 people, the load capacity will be less.

* We can not pick up from 7am to 1pm by wagon(minivan) taxis due to our driver’s schedule.
* We can carry hand luggage only. We can not accept usage for shipping purposes such as moving.

Company nameFujikōtsu Co.,Ltd.
RepresentativeYuzo TAKESHI
Location114-0005 3-1 Sakae-cho Kita-ku Tokyo,JAPAN TEL. +81-3-3913-1181 FAX. +81-3-3913-1186
Capital50,000,000 Yen
Establishment dateMay 14,1951
Number of employees220
Business typeGeneral passenger car transportation
Number of taxi vehicles95 sedans and UD taxis, 2 wagons(minivans)
Operation areaTokyo 23-wards, Musashino-shi, Mitaka-shi (By law, we can only operate if at least either pick-up or drop-off point is in the above areas.)
Taxi organizationChecker cab
Group companyDriving school(Tokyo, Chiba, Gunma), Automobile LPG station(Tokyo)
  • 800m from Subway Nanboku line “Oji station No.1 exit”
  • 550m from JR Keihin-tohoku line “Oji station south exit”
  • 350m from Toden Arakawa line “Sakae-cho station”
  • 550m from JR Keihin-tohoku line “Kami-nakazato station”

Fujikōtsu Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) establishes the personal information protection policy as follows and establishes a mechanism for the protection of personal information for handling customer’s personal information. We will comply with laws concerning personal information, thoroughly recognize and address the importance of protecting personal information and promote appropriate handling and protection of personal information.

Management of personal information
In order to keep customers’ personal information accurate and up to date, to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss, damage, falsification, leakage, etc., we do maintenance of the security system, improvement of the management system, training of employee education and we manage personal information strictly.

Purpose of using personal information
On this website, we may register personal information such as name, e-mail address, telephone number etc at customer inquiries, but we will use this personal information only for the original purpose.

Prohibition of disclosure or provision of personal information to third parties
We will properly manage personal information from customers and will not disclose personal information to any third party unless it falls under any of the following.
* When there is customer consent
* When it is necessary to disclose based on laws

Security management of personal information
In order to prevent the leakage/loss of personal information and to ensure accuracy and confidentiality, we will take thorough measures for security.

Your inquiry
If you wish to inquire, modify or delete personal information of the person himself/herself, we will confirm that you are the principal and then we will respond.

Compliance with laws and reviews
We will comply with Japanese laws applicable to the personal information we possess, review the contents of this policy as appropriate, and make efforts to improve it.

Fujikōtsu Co., Ltd.