TOYOTA Crown Comfort

Our friendly color standard taxi.

TOYOTA Crown Sedan Super Deluxe

Higher grade taxi so-called "Exceed cab".
Drivers meet our original criteria such as years of experience and taking some trainings.
Vehicles are also higher grade. So we can offer higher quality service.

Seat layout and luggage room dimensions (both sedans)

W'(118cm) indicates the width of the opening.


TOYOTA Alphard

Wagon type of up to 6 people riding capacity.
This is also "Exceed cab", so the drivers meet our own criteria.

Seat layout and luggage room dimensions

- When the seats are slided forward -

A large space where 6 suitcases can be loaded.
If a person with 180cm height gets on the 2nd or 3rd row seat, the margin in front of the knee becomes one fist.
And in case of 3 people riding on the 3rd row, the center person will be between the left and right seats.

- When the seats are slided backward -

The 2nd and 3rd row seats have enough room to sit with your legs crossed.
Although the luggage compartment will be narrow, 2 suitcases can be loaded.

※ We can carry hand luggages only. We can't accept usage for shipping purposes such as moving.

About taxi reservation

For sedan and wagon taxi reservations, we currently accept only one of the following services.

* Fixed fare taxi (Haneda Airport , Narita Airport , Tokyo Disney Resort)
* Tokyo sightseeing taxi
* Time charter taxi
* Traveling more than about 15 km

1. For the reservation after one month, we once temporarily accept it and confirm again later.
2. We can't operate wagon taxis from 7am to noon due to our driver's schedule.
3. There are no cancel fee, but in case of cancellation please be sure to inform us in advance.
We appreciate your understanding.

Customers who wish to use the above service, please contact us by our Contact form.