Time charter taxi


Depending on customer's applications, you can use "Time charter taxi" as a substitute for your foot.
It is not necessary to set up a visit plan in advance.
You can move by taxi freely within the time, and you can respond even if the number of destinations increases suddenly.
Since the car is't changed on the way, you can act easily with leaving your baggage on the taxi.
You can choose a car freely according to the application from the sedan and wagon. The price is the same amount.
Please use it for sightseeing in Tokyo, photographing of movies, shooting and interviews that need equipment transportation.

* Reservation is required 2 days before the date of use. (Please use our Contact us form.)
* When you make a reservation you can specify sedan (up to 4 guests) or wagon (up to 6 guests). But due to our driver's schedule, we can't operate wagon taxis from 7am to noon.
* We also offer Tokyo sightseeing taxi guided by our certified drivers.(extra guide fee 310yen@30min)

Price list

Example plan Price for one vehicle(yen)
2 hours 8,870
3 hours 13,090
4 hours 17,310

* Mileage is limited up to approximately 15km/hour.
* Toll road fee and parking lot fee are charged separately.
* Detail of the price : 4,650yen for the first hour, 2,110yen for every 30 minutes thereafter.
* Reservation fee 410yen and dispatch fee 310yen are charged separately.
* We can not accept travel from midnight to early morning (22:00 to 5:00).

For more details, please confirm at the time of application.