Tokyo sightseeing taxi

Why don't you enjoy door to door sightseeing in Tokyo guided by "Tokyo sightseeing taxi certified driver"?
You can choose a car type freely from sedan and wagon. The price is the same amount.


This service is based on "Time charter taxi", but it also has following features.
* Certified drivers with various qualifications will offer high quality Tokyo tourist services.(We have 6 certified drivers.)
* We will set up sightseeing plan in advance by listening to customer's needs.
* At sightseeing places, certified driver can get off the car and take you as a guide according to your request.
* At sightseeing places, you can get special treatment such as free parking fee etc. For example, at Tokyo Tower, parking fee and guide entrance fee are free. In addition, various incentives are available at Tokyo Sky Tree, the Imperial Palace, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the Edo-Tokyo Museum,and so on.
(Also, please check the description by Tokyo Hire-Taxi Association.)

* Reservation is required 3 days before the date of use. (Please use our Contact us form.)
* When you make a reservation you can specify sedan (up to 4 guests) or wagon (up to 6 guests). But due to our driver's schedule, we can't operate wagon taxis from 7am to noon.

Price list

Example plan Price for one vehicle(yen)
3 hours 14,950
4 hours 19,790
5 hours 24,630

* Toll road fee and parking lot fee are charged separately.
* Detail of the price : time charter taxi fare(4,650yen for the first hour, 2,110yen for every 30 minutes thereafter) plus guidance fee(310yen/30min)
* Reservation fee 410yen and dispatch fee 310yen are charged separately.
* We can not accept travel from midnight to early morning (22:00 to 5:00).

For more details, please confirm at the time of application.