Regular taxi

How to use a regular taxi

We usually operate vehicles(sedans and wagons) as a crusing taxi in center of Tokyo area.
You can stop taxi with "空車" red sign (Ku-sha means Empty) on the dashboard in front of the passenger seat.
And in the night, you can also identify empty taxi by lit of company name indicator light on the roof.
(Please note that the above indicator light method is sometimes invalid except in Tokyo.)

In addition, you cannot stop taxi with the sign as follows.
回送 = Out of service,    = Full (Day time), 割増 = Full (Extra charge time 10PM-5AM), 迎車 = On the way to pick up

- Points To Keep In Mind
1. The door opens and closes automatically for safety, so you should not operate the door.
2. In Ginza 5 to 8 area on weekday from 22PM to 1AM, you can get on a taxi only from designated taxi stands.
3. It is impossible to stop taxi for get-on/off on red color pavement in downtown area.
We appreciate your cooperation.

Taxi call from telephone

Please use "Checker cab" telephone reception.
You can call the nearest taxi from our group's 1,800 cars.
+81-3-3573-3751(24 hours reception)
(Can not specify wagon taxi. Sorry for inconvinience.)

Taxi call from smartphone app

You can call so many Tokyo taxis by smartphone app "Takkun" operated by Tokyo Hire-Taxi Association.
You can call the nearest taxi from partnered 9,000 cars.
(Can not specify wagon taxi. Sorry for inconvinience.)

About booking a wagon taxi

Since the number of owned wagon taxis is limited,
we currently accept reservations limited to the following services.

* Fixed fare taxi (Haneda Airport , Narita Airport , Tokyo Disney Resort)
* Tokyo sightseeing taxi
* Time charter taxi
* Traveling more than about 15 km

Also, due to our driver's schedule, we can't operate wagon taxis from 7am to noon.
We appreciate your understanding.

Customers who wish to use the above service, please contact us by our Contact form.

Regular taxi fare

Fares are in accordance with "Checker cab" fare system.

- Distance
First fare 410yen@1052m, additional fare 80yen@237m
- Time
80yen@90seconds (only count if velocity<=10km/h)
- Extra charge in the midnight and early morning
20% extra charge from 22 o'clock to 5 o'clock.
- Dispatch fare by phone or app
310yen (410yen required separately for time designation reservation)
- Discount
10% discount for disabled, 10% discount for long distance(apply for the part over 9000yen)

* This new fare was approved by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport on Jan. 30, 2017.

Payment method

You can pay by cash (Japanese yen only) or following various cards/tickets.