Haneda airport fixed fare taxi

For using a taxi between Haneda airport and each region in Tokyo, we offer affordable fixed rates.
This is about 30% discount from normal meter fare, and there is no need to worry about rising of meter fare.

* Reservation is required 2 days before the date of use. (Please use our Contact us form.)
* When you make a reservation you can specify sedan (up to 4 guests) or wagon (up to 6 guests). But due to our driver's schedule, we can't operate wagon taxis from 7am to noon.
* FYI, we don't recommend reservation for sedan taxi from Haneda airport taxi stand, because sedan taxis including other companies are waiting at there for about 24 hours, and they also charge the same fixed fare as our's.

Regional fare table

Region Regular fare
22-5 o'clock
Edogawa-ku 7,000 8,400
Taito-ku 7,200 8,600
Sumida-ku 7,200 8,500
Bunkyo-ku 7,300 8,800
Chiyoda-ku 5,900 7,100
Shinjuku-ku 7,100 8,500
Shibuya-ku 6,600 8,000
Adachi-ku 8,800 10,400
Katsushika-ku 9,100 10,700
Arakawa-ku 8,300 9,800
Kita-ku 8,800 10,400
Toshima-ku 8,900 10,500
Nakano-ku 7,900 9,400
Suginami-ku 8,500 10,100
Setagaya-ku 6,900 8,300
Itabashi-ku 9,900 11,600
Nerima-ku 10,200 12,000
Musashino-shi 11,200 13,200
Mitaka-shi 10,600 12,500

* This fare applies from Jan 30, 2017.
* Regions other than the above zones will be the usual meter fee.
* 22-5 o'clock fee applies if both departure and arrival are within the stated time.
* Reservation and dispatch charges are included in the fixed fare. Separate payment is unnecessary.
* Toll road fee and parking lot fee will be charged separately.
(If our driver waits away from the vehicle for picking up at the airport, parking lot fee will be charged.)
* 10% discount for disabled