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Fujikoutsu is a taxi company in Kita-ku Tokyo, JAPAN.

Belonging to "Checker cab" organization famous for it's vermillion color taxi in Tokyo,
we are operating 95 sedans(up to 4 guests) and 2 wagons(up to 6 guests).
Both vehicle types have the same tariff system. We are waiting for everyone's use.


Convenient services, Affordable discount fares (reservation required, sedan/wagon)

◎Tokyo sightseeing taxi
◎Time charter taxi
◎Fixed fare taxi (Tokyo <-> Narita Airport/Haneda Airport/Tokyo Disney Resort)

Taxi call from smartphone app (immediate dispatch, sedan only)

You can call a taxi in Tokyo by your smartphone with "Takkun" app operated by Tokyo Hire-Taxi Association.

Taxi call from telephone (immediate dispatch/early morning reservation, sedan only)

"Checker cab" telephone reception is convenient.
+81-3-3573-3751(24 hours reception)

Inquiry of your lost items

Please contact us directly.
+81-3-3913-1181(24 hours reception,Japanese)
If you prepare the receipt of your ride, we can respond more quickly.